Windows RT: How to sell it!

Windows RT has a serious problem: No one thinks they want it.

I believe that can change if Nokia correctly markets the device. I am going to talk about why only Nokia can do this correctly.

You see the problem Microsoft and all other RT makers had is they tried to compete with the Ipad. The Surface RT was the best attempt to date easily but still not even close to being called a success. However that is because Microsoft and any of its OEM's cannot target the real RT Competitor. Which is the Budget PC.



No company has done this comparison yet and it is why RT has failed. Stop attacking the freaking IPad and look internally. Why would normal consumers choose the above laptop instead of the Surface RT or the Dell XPS 10 or any of the other RT Tablets? The answer is they generally would not, because they do not need the software full Windows 8 provides.

Now back to Nokia. They can target these budget PC's they can eat market share and target the real competition because they do not care about the budget PC Market. There are a giant group of people that use their PC solely for Web Browsing, Media Sharing, and Office and that is their only uses. The Power PC will never die as many people need that too, however that is not the market for the RT. I can imagine a commercial very similar to Mac vs. PC adds except this time it is RT attacking the Pro Windows.

I hope Nokia can come in and focus the RT Market because it really can be a great product.The problem with RT is that the OEM's are afraid to target their budget PC. The point of RT was to get people to buy it over the budget PC and then people realize they have no need for an IPad or an Andriod tab.I think many people would prefer RT if they only knew how it works and how much simpler it makes things. So do you all agree or is there another way for Nokia to help RT succeed.