I need some suggestions from the iOS Savvy

To keep a long story short, I bought an iPhone 5 about a week, week and a half ago, and I'm not enjoying much (I am new to using iOS for any extended period of time). To preface it, I've been an Android user for the last 3+ years, but my Note 2 took a dump on me and I'm getting it worked on. In the mean time, I absolutely NEEDED a phone so I picked up the iPhone (unlocked); I figured even if I ended up not liking it, I could get rid of it and get my money back.

With that being said, I'd actually like to give the iPhone a proper shot, so if anyone could suggest some apps it'd be very much appreciated. Some criteria: I don't play mobile games at all (maybe chess, but that's it); and I'm not a cheap bastard, so I'd be willing to pay for apps, but if there are Lite (free) versions and Pro (payed) versions that would be preferred. I like to try out an app for a day or two before I buy it.

A few apps I've already got are as follows, but not everything's listed:

Yahoo Weather & Myradar

Fandango & IMDB

Dictionary & Urban Dict.

Every Google App


Any.do & Cal





VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Split pic (honestly I've got quite a few photography apps).

Any and all suggestions would be very appreciated.