iPhone 5S or Xbox One this Fall? (Asking for Advice)

I didn't know where to put this, gaming or apple core, I might do both, but I chose apple core. So I'm at a huge decision, I really love gaming so I want to throw $500 in a get an Xbox One, Which I already have pre-ordered so guaranteed i'll get it day one, but I look at my piece of crap phone, the iPhone 4 8gb, and I really need an upgrade. To clarify my contract isn't up till fall next year so I will have to pay full price for the iPhone 5S, which will most likely cost $650. My iphone 4 was getting by until I got the official iOS 7 Dev beta, and it all went downhill every beta update it got slower and slower as more features were added. I love iOS 7 so no way i'm going back to ios 6 just to make my phone fastish again. Now on the gaming side of the argument, I have an xbox 360, that was made in 2006 so it sounds like freight train and literally makes my room 5 degrees hotter after 30 mins of use. I also have a very sub-par gaming PC that get 1080p 60fps on lowest settings on most games, and with game engine sucking more and more processing power I'll be at 1080p 15fps in no time. So I can still game without the Xbox One, I just want the full experience of 1080p 60fps, great xbox live arcade games, and all the new xbox one features, such as built in PVR recording, kinect 2, and much more. But with the new iPhone i'll be able to play plenty of ios games that my phone can barely launch. Also many features that I would love to have on my phone, would be screen mirroring to apple tv, not supported on iphone 4, face-time over 4g, and of course 4g, I've been using 3g since I got my first smartphone in 2010 and 4g would be a great improvement from 1 mbps download 3g and .25 upload. Also I would sell my xbox one for at least $100 more than I bought it for on eBay or somewhere like that if I were to get the iphone. Any advice is greatly appreciated.