The basic improvement that will satisfy RT buyers

Now, that title might be a little presumptuous, but with the Microsoft and Nokia possibly coming out in a few months with updated versions of RT tablets, I thought I'd review what I've seen people asking for since the first tablets came out. This is specifically in regard to RT tablets, so it's not directed at people who do not want one or even want them to be discontinued. Also, it's mostly concerned with hardware except for one or two points.

I don't necessarily agree with everything listed; these are just common wishlist items. I would say that if Microsoft or Nokia somehow manage to cover most of this list, then the general reception will be positive. They might go above and beyond to delight people, but they can also leave a number of these elements out and actively disappoint the market when they are already on shaky ground with this product line.

The following are specific things that I've seen a fair number of people calling for; this isn't a list of every possible feature they could include:

Improve general performance.
Bump screen resolution to at least 1080.
Add cellular networking.
Bring over the digitizer from the Pro.
Improve the camera quality.
Increase storage.
Offer smaller version.
Full Office touch suite.
Lower initial pricing.
Remove desktop (I personally disagree on this).

Improve touch cover (I'm actually not sure if people just don't like the concept or do but want it improved somehow, but I've seen it mentioned often.)
Keyboard with battery extender (supports tablet without kickstand.)
Lower prices or included in purchase.

The following are things people want done to improve market-share, and consequently viability and developer support:

Rename product/OS.
Expand the market availability.
Better Ads.
Promotional bundles (in conjunction with phones, laptops, XBOX, services, etc.)
Lower initial price.

There have been other threads that covered every feature request people might have, but I have focused on what gets mentioned most often. Right or wrong, possible or not, this is what will make people happy. I've probably forgotten some things though, please add any you think of.