The Moto X comes to Canada! a high price.



Today I saw the first Moto X ad for Rogers, one of the large carriers that operate in Canada. I've been excited for this phone since the reveal, it (was) going to be my next. I checked their website and immediately saw that it was already available for sale. At this point I was almost leaping for joy! Sadly when I got to the Moto X page I saw that the phone was being "subsidized" at $200 with a tremendous minimum $70 monthly plan.

CRUSHED. Crushed is exactly how I felt. $550 off-contract?? I started wondering where the notions of it being an inexpensive phone like the N4 were grounded on. With hardware that is majorly analogous to the Nexus 4 it really looks to me like the Moto X is a hard pill to swallow...

I was really looking forward to the Moto X, but sadly the promises were simply too good to be true. This has really pushed me to looking at other phones. The Moto X is just too much money for those who are budget conscious like myself.