Nokia Lumia 520 is amazing

I was playing with the Nokia Lumia 520 the other day and was shocked by how good this $100-when-on-sale phone was. In my short try it came so close to the experience you get with the much more expensive WP8 that I could easily see most being very happy with the 520 and even a bit worried that many couldn't see why they have to spend two, three, four, even five times the cost for the higher end models.

Yes I realize the RAM limitation and the relatively crummy display and the not-so-great camera but they are still serviceable enough that it's really hard to think why anybody buying the cheap $150-200 Android phones not pick this up. To me it's significant enough achievement for Nokia that they created a $100-150 phone that's perfectly good enough for my needs and doesn't make me curse at its laggy keyboard or choppy scrolling. I must applaud Nokia and Microsoft for creating a beast of a budget phone that's not burdened by a dead OS, unlike the previous WP7 phones on fire sale.