I Touched One for the First Time Today . . .

+1's for the click bait title? :)

Ever since Surface RT was announced and launched, I've been curious about the device to compliment my workflow at, well, work and my media consumption and creation at home. Until today, though, I haven't been able to try one out. Fortunately, I was picking up some things at Staples today when I ran across their Surface RT / Pro display.

After using Windows 8 on my non-touchscreen laptop, jumping into the RT was still a little bit of culture shock. I was already familiar with dragging apps down to close and the side charm bar, but there were a few things that I didn't pick up on initially. Mainly, this is rearranging tiles.

When I scrolled over the start screen I didn't see any of the Office suite pinned to start except for OneNote pinned way over to the right side. I decided to modify this since I think one of the best things about Surface is the Office suite included in the price of the unit itself. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out that holding down a tile won't make it jiggle like my iPad. Then, it took me about 20 seconds to figure out how to get that tile to move by pulling it down and over (I really wanted those tiles to dance).

I opened Word and started typing as fast as I can. I couldn't tell if the time from touching the tile to being able to type was any slower than on my laptop. If there was a difference, it was negligible. One thing that made me smile was the sounds that the onscreen keyboard made. The keystroke sounds were short and to the point as one would expect, but they had just the right amount of unexpected playfulness to them.

I didn't have much time to spend with the thing since I had to go ahead and get back to the office (and write this) and get back to work, but those 5-10 minutes with it felt really great. I'm curious to know if you RT owners have experienced a slow down in performance after a few months of use. I know that some people say this is a problem on Windows machines (a problem I've not encountered since XP) so I'm curious if this occurs on the mild spec'd tablet.

I'm not sure if I'll be buying one of these, but being able to actually get my hands on one for a few minutes did more to strengthen my desire to purchase rather than hurt it.

Thanks for reading. Also, let's get another +1 for remembering to manually add HTML paragraph spacing in IE10 before hitting publish. :)