Elysium - Incredibly Racist

Just watched Elysium, and I have to say, that was one of the most disappointing, incredibly racist movies that I had the displeasure of watching.

The rich people are ALL Caucasians (barring one incredibly token Americanized Indian character), and the poor, oppressed people are ALL Hispanic. There are literally NO poor, down-on-their luck Caucasians barring Matt Damon's character. Why, it's almost like the director Neil Blomkamp forgot that Carlos Slim, ranked the richest person in the world, is Hispanic! And a Mexican as well! Oh my...Or that contrary to popular belief, poor Caucasian people (gasp) actually exist!

Next, the rich white people are actually accused of exploiting the poor brown people by building factories in their homelands. I mean, it's not like US companies relocating their manufacturing to Mexico is helping their economy or anything........

Oh, wait:, you mean that the recent Mexican manufacturing boom is actually employing thousands of people and boosting their economy in a time of global hardship? Surely it can't be??

The racism and preachiness of the movie was downright disgusting, especially when its message was so wrong.