My very annoying Chromecast issues. Are you experiencing the same?

I was initially excited to get my Chromecast. I ordered it the day it was announced and had it sent to my place of work which I promptly connected to the HDMI port of one of my monitors. Through my Nexus 4, the setup was quick and easy. I watched a few minutes of YouTube videos and it was back to work. When I got home, I reconfigured the device to my home network and the Chromecast connected without issue. I was excited to potentially replace my Apple TV. A few weeks later, here's where I stand.

First, I don't use the device much at all and my ATV remains my primary device for content. Second is my STB while the Chromecast is third and only used periodically to see if it works any better. At the moment, it only natively supports YouTube and Netflix. No problem; my primary viewing are those two sources. The actual problem here is with the Netflix application on my Nexus 4. Sometimes, it wouldn't recognize the Chromecast on my network. Disabling and re-enabling WiFi on my phone was no help, nor was terminating the Netflix application. The only resolution I found was rebooting my phone. I had to do this a LOT! If any word trend analysis was done in my home during my use of the Chromecast, my use of profanities probably spiked until I got fed up and connected my ATV. I did not seem to have the same issue with the YouTube application, however (though my memory is fuzzy and I very well may have.)

Now, one could argue that is Netflix's fault (if in fact Netflix wouldn't detect the device when YouTube would) but after the last Chromecast app update for Android (1.1.2,) I figured I'd give it another shot and things took a turn for the worse. Nothing at all changed with my WiFi network configuration during this whole time, but now, the Chromecast seemed unable to access my network according to what the Chromecast application was telling me. I held the only button on the device to factory reset it. My phone detects it. It displays a 4-character code on my TV and displays the same on my phone. It asks for my WiFi credentials which I correctly enter. But when I connect, it gets stuck in an endless loop of unknown and doesn't seem to be able connect at all. I've heard of people having issues with excessively long passwords, but I don't think mine falls within that criteria and besides, it worked when I first got it. My WiFi password is savoryhotdogwaterontherocks!.

Now, I'm stuck deciding whether or not I want to return the POS Goggle gave me or wait to see if they can unfuck the situation. To help with that decision, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I know it's only $35 (which I waste on a normal basis on junk, but junk that does what it's supposed to do) but I don't want Google feeling they can get away with giving people garbage. General principal...

Your input is appreciated.

Additional info that may or may not be relevant: My Nexus 4 is rooted running stock ROM w/ v4.3. It was also rooted when it worked initially so I don't think it has anything to do with that.