BlackBerry Z10

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Reviewed by adriankessel (Currently owns)

This phone has an understated design that I like. It is relatively small and light. The display is good but not up to the same level as phones from others like HTC, Nokia, or Sony. The camera is surprisingly good. This is a major step forward from any other BlackBerry camera. The interface is nice and it is easy to get sharp, colorful photos. Captured videos also look very good.

The reception is solid but the speaker is just average. I don't have any complaints about the sound. It just isn't quite as loud or bold as other BlackBerries I've used. The performance is generally good. I run into very few stutters. It definitely doesn't feel as fast as 2013 Android devices though. Thats in terms of web browsing and how quickly you can launch and switch applications. I can't speak to the gaming performance because I have not tried it. The keyboard is easy to be fast and accurate on and has a handful of useful gestures.

The app selection for this phone is not good. I use Twitter on it, which works fine. I could read a Kindle book if I wanted to. Outside of those, it has nothing that I'd like to use. I can't use any of the music services that I like, YouTube is only available through the browser, there is no Google Maps and the list goes on.

Now that it seems this phone is available for free on contract, I'd probably say its nicer hardware than you get on a comparably priced iPhone or Android device but the lack of useful software would keep me far away from this phone. This is a tough one to recommend for most users.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 7
  • Display 7
  • Camera(s) 7
  • Reception / call quality 9
  • Performance 7
  • Software 5
  • Battery life 7
  • Ecosystem 1
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