Real people are actually using Windows 8 and touchscreen laptops and ultrabooks

It's now day two for me back in class and I have been really surprised by two things.

1. I saw a bit more PC's these first few days then I saw all year last year as I traversed campus

2. Out of all the PC's I saw the last two days, there were more running Windows 8 than Windows 7

3. Almost half were touchscreen ultrabooks or laptops.

- The touchscreen thing really surprised me and further more, people were using it. They were touching the screen and using metro pretty naturally shifting in and out of desktop and metro

Anyway I though it was good for Microsoft as I finally saw a pretty good bit of real people using Windows 8 the way Microsoft intended in the wild. Not sure if it was just a bunch of new freshman with cool new computers but there were even some people in my upper level classes with them and one Mac convert girl I had last year