Who Is Ready for 5.0? It's all about the Nexus

Ok folks,

It surprises me of how quiet it has been on the Android AOSP front. I mean there has been a lot going on with Android in the past couple of months with Android like the 4.3 JB release, but what about 5.0/KLP.

Now the last time this happened where we where pleasantly surprised with a UI overhaul was with 4.0/ICS and a ton of other features and apps into the mix. I feel we are right about at that time again. With the barrage of updates to all of Google's core apps to the "kennedy" design language I do think we will see a significant UI Updae.

Honestly, if rumors are true and this year we get a Nexus 4, 5, and 10 priced ultra competitively..I think it will be major. Last year the Nexus 4 was hurt with lack of LTE, I think this year Google is going all in. The Motorola X covers what they want on the mass market consumer side for those who just need simple Android phone that works.

Now for those power users, developers, Android fanatics, tinkerers, and just general geeks...we need our unlocked untouched, always up to date, they way Google intended it to be Nexus goodness. Yes some might say..."Nexus specs are never better than the Galaxy or One" But it is not about specs it is about...

  • Having the device with the biggest developer community.
  • Being able to install ROMS with ease with little to no bugs
  • Being one of the first devices to get CyanogenMod or CM Based ROM on the latest build of Android
  • Always having the latest version of Android with timely updates and no carrier crap
  • Consistently regardless of how many cores and gigabytes you stick in a the OEM device, having the overall best Android experience
  • Being able to purchase a device unlocked and contract free for cheap
Yes I know some here will say the GPE phones debunk a lot of this, but in my opinion they don't. Even though those phones have better specs and run Stockish Android...it is still not the pure Android experience found on the Nexus devices, and you still have to make sacrifices.
For me it is all about the Nexus, bring on the 5.0 KLP leaks!!!