I'm getting my Lumia 520 tomorrow, I need help replacing some apps

So I decided to sell off my Android and get a Lumia for the time being. Try something different, and then get rid of it whenever I'm ready to go back to an iPhone. I was really getting tired of all the force closures I've been getting due to Google having issues with their Play Store, and then things weren't updating correctly. But most of all, I started having issues where it took a full minute to get past the lock screen, and then another to get to the dialer.

And clearing the cache, fixing permissions, and reboots weren't getting me anywhere.

So anyway, here I am, maybe for a little while, or maybe a few months if I like it enough.

I start school on Saturday, these are the education apps I use and would like some equivalents for:

Evernote - Already got that

Timetable - Equivalent student planner?

MathStep - Which is the best calculator? Would like one that lets me graph too

Draft - It's a Markdown editor

SuperCard Flashcards - Would really like a replacement that lets me include pictures too

And then I need some apps to replace these other ones

Expense Manager - I want a standalone financial app.

Deliveries - Something that tracks UPS/USPS/and FedEx

And that's pretty much it. Don't care whether they're free/paid.