Any Windows 8 haters using the Windows 8.1 Preview?

I've been using Windows 8 since the first preview...

So it's hard for me to judge sometimes, because I've never had an issue with it. Anything I didn't like I just changed the configuration.

Using Windows 8 my metro/desktop split using the desktop was maybe 10/90. Using 8.1 I'm in metro heaps more.

Even more interesting is that in Windows 8 when I was using metro (checking Facebook, watching YouTube etc) I was in metro only, and when I was using the desktop I was in the desktop only

With 8.1 I'm mixing-and-matching all the time. I'm pretty much constantly have metro Skype, Mail and IE windows open and snapped beside my desktop.

So my question is are there any people that didn't like Windows 8 that have actually been using the Windows 8.1 Preview? Are you finding it easier to use than Windows 8? Have you actually started using any metro apps?