Beautiful but slower

The new Google apps are really nice - hangouts, youtube, google+ They look really good. The animations come out nice. But I also feel in order to show those animations, the apps themselves have become a little slower:

- Google Hangouts - When someone tries to do a video hangout, it comes up in the notification bar nothing on your screen yet, and then after about 1 second, it comes up in your screen as a call. What this usually does to an inexperienced guy like me is - i try to go to the notification bar to receive the call and by that time the screen comes up below, stupid mess (my fault of course too trigger happy).

- Scrolling on all apps like Google Hangouts, Youtube, Google+ is not consistent with each other - the amount you swipe down or up differs from app to app in terms of how much screen it scrolls up or down. And some stuttering as well once in a while.

- Youtube takes more than a second to launch - I am on a new Nexus 4 (no i am not getting that refund) but i am staring at my screen not sure if i punched in "right".

- Recently Chrome has become more unstable, it takes a while to go back to previous screen on back button even when you are just going back to the start page.

Apps are increasingly looking nicer, but wish they would be faster as well.