Why the XBox 1 is For Me, a Grown-Up "Gamer".

A little background on me first..

Like a lot of people my age (30), I grew up a gamer, and was constantly being surrounded by whatever console/games I could get my hands on. I didn't really get into mobile gaming, but there wasn't a console that I didn't play, either by owning them or by playing them at my cousins'/friends' houses. As I got older and was able to earn money to pay for games, I would quickly fill up any and all living space with my gaming 'clutter'. It wasn't until I started living with non-gamer roommates that I realized how absolutely obtrusive the clutter can be. A nicely set-up TV entertainment was absolutely filled with green plastic disc jackets and honestly.. it really messed with the living room.

Now, as i'm embracing adulthood and have my own place to live & game, being a hardcore gamer for me, at least, has evolved. I no longer make time for other things around Halo sessions, I rarely stay in on nights when I can go out with friends, and I no longer to have a massive library of games constantly displayed. More importantly, the 360's Kinect has really become an integral part of my entertainment watching experience. I can just say "XBox Pause" during a movie when I need to take a call during Netflix or HBO Go, I can say "XBox Play" for whichever option feature is present on the screen, etc..

Now, "hardcore gamers" may have an issue with developers trying to shove this technology into their living rooms and making them look silly, but honestly..voice activated entertainment IS the future. Forget about hand-waving and all that motion-controlled gaming nonsense. I personally hated the Wii and all the ridiculous motions that were forced in to that system's gaming. I remember the first time playing NBA 2K13 and calling out "2-3 Zone" on defense and being absolutely blown away that the game listened to me. It was the coolest/geekiest thing ever when I cursed at a bad foul called on me and the ref charged a technical foul against my team.

Now, with Kinect 2.0 and the demo that was shown (as well as all the rave reviews from various sites regarding the hardware), I can't help but feel thrilled about the prospects that Microsoft has for my more mature, slightly grown up living room.

If you've never even tried the original Kinect's voice-activated experience, don't knock what Microsoft is trying to do until you actually experience it.