The PC just isn't hitting the spot anymore

That's a slightly extreme statement. It's not that the PC doesn't turn me on, I just find my buttons being pushed by the cheaper, more convenient and casual console experience.

To give some background, way back in 2006 I built my own PC. It's needed literally no upgrading since then, I can still play BF3 at low settings.

I've loved it and it's loved me back by never having any issues. However, it's reached it's peak and I feel it's time to build a new PC. None of the parts are salvageable as I'll be giving it to my parents. The trouble is, I see a PS4 is retailing for £350 and I can't help, but be tempted. I can't build a budget gaming rig for anywhere near that from what I can see. I can wait 4 more months and afford a gaming rig, but is it worth it any more?

So my predicament is one that many before me have encountered; Console or PC?

My question to you however; What is your best argument for sticking with PC?

I know there are some passionate enthusiasts out there and would love to see how you defend a home-made rig.