Microsoft should hire Eric Schmidt as CEO.

There are few people in the tech world who have the credentials to take the helm of Microsoft. There are many names that have been thrown around, but none of them feel quite right. Whether too inexperienced or still playing in the old world of tech, they are missing something that would cause them to be a miss. The only person in the Tech world I see as the right leader for Microsoft is Eric Schmidt.

He has the right experience to make him successful. Leading Google as it grew from a small company to a tech juggernaut equal to Microsoft, Schmidt knows how to be a CEO. He has the business savvy to handle Microsoft's commercial businesses and the vision to compete in the consumer sector. He is the most qualified man Microsoft could hire.

The timing is also right. Schmidt has mentored Larry Page and taught him to be a CEO, a successful leader of Google. He is still a very active chairman, but that responsibility is becoming less important as Page matures and becomes a respected businessman as well as tech visionary. Schmidt wouldn't leave Google for money, that much is obvious. He is highly committed and still a major player - but I believe he could be drawn away. The potential to shape Microsoft into a new company, sheperd it into a new era - one very likely to continue Ballmer's vision of Devices and Services, playing in business and consumer - would be a challenge that Schmidt could be drawn to. A chance to leave a legacy that far outpaces what he did at Google.

It's unlikely - sure - but if Microsoft could convince him, I have no doubt that he would be the best leader for Microsoft for years to come.