Verge Media Feeds

To keep up with The Verge's high quality media coverage, I have set up a system using IFTTT, Pocket, and RSS feeds from The Verge to automagically place episodes of their shows into my list. Those feeds are difficult to find, usually requiring a visit to the Podcast section of iTunes, so I decided to post them here for everybody's convenience.

On The Verge:

90 Seconds on The Verge: ***

The Vergecast



The Verge Mobile Show



Top Shelf:$

Small Empires: *****


  • These feeds are subject to change at any time.
  • ***Because so many episodes of 90SoTV are produced, the RSS feed file is very large, so large that IFTTT can't handle querying it for data.
  • *****The feed for Small Empires is not exactly a media feed, as it is the feed for all of the items in the show's group. Therefore, it also includes anything tagged in the group and not just new episodes.