Lenovo "Yoga 2" Releasing in October? With Haswell and Windows 8.1 Onboard?

I was just about to buy the current yoga as my primary windows laptop, and then after reviewing the specs, I realized wheres the haswell processor. To think the one of the most popular ultra books doesn't have tech that's been in competitors laptops for almost 3 months. I searched around and found nothing on a haswell yoga. So I saw a chat windows on the lenovo store online and thought I'd give it a shot, so I asked the help chat guy "Are there any haswell yogas, and if not will there be any announced/released soon?" and I expected him to say nothing about it but I got this from him: "Yoga 2 will be released in October month with the new processor and we do not have any update about the date." And then it hit me lenovo is timing the release of their flagship haswell ultrabook with windows 8.1 release. Many rumors also say the haswell yoga will have super hd screen, be thinner and lighter, and have back lit keyboard all at the same price point as the current yoga. Can't wait till around October 17.