I hope the iPhone 5C uses the A5

I honestly hope that this phone makes use of the A5 and not the A6 we see in the iPhone 5. Why you may ask?

Simply put, the iPhone 5C is basically gonna be a 4", LTE, plastic 4S. Apple will most likely discontinue the 4S in favor of the 5C (to make Lightning & 4" Retina displays the new standard) - by using the A5 chip, Apple has to basically ensure this device will have enough power to run the next 3 iterations of iOS - and by this, it secures the 4S too.

The fact that the 4S will still be up to date in terms of performance when next to this 5C will continue to give it iOS support as well as app support from developers. And as a 4S user who has no idea when he's upgrading, I feel comfortable knowing my device will be still considered up to date with other products from the manufacturer.

How do you guys feel about the 5C and the possibility of the 4S being the first iPhone to see more than 3 iOS iterations?