Study claims 69 percent of Windows Phone apps are "dead"



My thoughts :

What are dead apps actually ?

However, a new study claims to show that a large number of the apps in those store are considered to be "dead", meaning that the apps have less than 10 reviews and have not been updated since they were first released.

I actually thought Appstore/Play Store had more zombie apps.

Apparently , it is true but percentage of total zombie apps is more on WP compared to total number of apps.

Now imagine , that percentage of dead apps going up when more official apps release and people stop looking for clients.

Appstore and Playstore also have more than 40% dead apps too but 50% of apps on appstore/playstore = covers 100% of Windows Phone store , right ?

Your thoughts ?

I think MS should remove such apps immediately to preserve the quality.

Study may be old but its true , I don'th think situation today is different than it is , during the time of study.