Why shouldn't I get a Surface RT?

For $350, it seems like a good buy as a student who needs to take a device to school 5 days a week. A 10.6" tablet with free Office 2013 comes across as the ideal for taking it to school, getting work done, and keeping me from lugging around my pretty thick 14" Toshiba Satellite w/ a 3rd gen i5, a touchscreen, 6gb of RAM, and 500gb of storage. My laptop works exceptionally as my "home-base." I'm just tired of taking it back and forth to school. It is semi-portable, yes, but it's thick-ish profile is kinda goofy to tote around nearly everyday. I was considering selling this machine for around $400, and then upgrading to the newer 14" model w/ identical specs + haswell. It's thinner and lighter and will last longer than what I have. But doing this means spending about $350, so I thought, "Why not just buy a Surface RT?" For the money, it seems like a good device, portable, office 2013, good build quality. I work at Best Buy in the Windows Store, so I have my fair share of experience playing with the device. I have my laptop; and if I got the Surface, I would definitely hang onto it, so I don't really mind the Surface RT not being able to run desktop apps. I can't find any cons to me buying the Surface RT, other than the $350 I would be out of, but that's some change I'm willing to spend. That's where I come to you...

So Verge, convince me why I shouldn't buy the Surface RT.

**EDIT: So, the biggest question for me now, after reading your first ~25 comments, is whether or not I should wait for the Surface 2. With W8.1RT, and a Tegra 4 (not a Tegra 3 like in the current Surface RT) performance should be better (maybe). But will the Surface 2 fall under my price range at launch?

**FINAL EDIT: Just bought a refurb'd one off of eBay for $217 w/ 2 day shipping. Thank you for all your insight! It has been very helpful!