Next Nexus must try and stop the madness thats called Spec war.

OEMs like Samsung are doing every possible thing to make sure the next version of flagship is one point higher than pervious version. So much so that S4 was just a spec upgrade compared to s3!

Now this has resulted in we getting 1080p displays & octa core phones which is just insane!!
You need octa-core for what? Facebook? Twitter? Dead Trigger??
You need 1080p for what?? Using your phone under a microscope?? or sticking your phone to your eye??

At this rate we are sure to get S5 or next HTC flagship, with 4K resolution and an hexa core processor which is more insane.
The question is will this madness called spec war will ever end?

I believe the answer is yes. Nexus devices have always been model devices from Google.

If the next Nexus just bumps up the Battery & provides us that Nexus Nikon Camera, then Spec war will end forever. At least its going to make sure OEMs stop thinking about these useless stuff and concentrate on stuff like Battery, looks & make phones more and more compact, all of which do require a lot of design engineering expertise.