(It's another) Is the Surface RT a good deal?

I know this post is late and you're probably sick of seeing these, but does the recent price drop make the Surface RT a good buy? I know it has somewhat dated hardware and that the Surface line is due for a refresh soon, but the price drop has made it all the more tempting.

I am a:

1) First-time tablet buyer.

2) A bit of a Microsoft fanboy who loves the WP experience and really wants to get the full W8 experience (using it on a non-touchscreen laptop).

3) Am not an app junkie, so I'll be fine with any app store limitations.

4) A college student on a budget.

Is anyone still experiencing audio issues after the firmware patch? I know everybody was up in arms over the amount of available storage, so, to those of you that added an sd card, any issues? Anybody with lots of lagging, hiccups, or other issues?

I'm really into tech (more so phones) so not having a tablet has been killing me. I'll be moving back to WP soon (I still use my 1st gen focus everyday), so it would be nice to see how well the two play together. I would use it mainly for consumption (reading, Netflix, watching sports) and am sure that it WILL meet all the needs I have, but I wanted to see what the masses thought first.