Where Google is failing

Google has gift cards for play store. Its the best way to purchase apps. No fear of credit card fraud or exceeding your carrier bill. But whats the use when this is not available in most of the countries?

I am from India and I am sure this is the best example for my rant.

We have a population of 1.24 Billion(124 crores). For sake of argument lets remove the .21 Billion. And in this 1 Billion, lets say 0.5% of the whole population are tech enthusiasts, that makes it 5 million. And these 5 million face the most annoying problem. The normal cards arent useful for buying in play store. And we Indians arent used to having credit cards as much as other country people.

So at least 4.5 million of these are not able to pay for apps.

This is one country. There are many other countries with similar problems. If Google releases these gift cards in every country, then play store will have more purchases and hence more money for Google. Google is really missing out a huge opportunity here.

And I dont even have to say about other US only or limited country releases like Google Glass, Moto X, Google Music, Chromecast etc. I agree there might not be a huge market for these outside US, but still there are few thousand people and they shouldnt be ignored.