UPDATE: 5MP Camera on the new Nexus 7 compared to the Galaxy Nexus?

Is it about the same, close, worse, better? I know it has a larger aperture, 2.4 vs 2.75. Has anyone who has lived with both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 tell me how they compare?

I know the GN wasn't a great camera, but i took some really nice shots and photospheres with that module once in a while. So i'm wondering if I could come close to the same results with this?

Update: I finally got my hands on a unit, and first impressions are that It's much worse :( But in decent light, it sure it can crank out some decent photospheres. Tablet cameras seem to be still far behind the capabilities of even the most average phone sensors. I'm sure cost is a factor here, it sure isn't processing speed.

Some observations;

  • All pictures were taken in "auto" setting, The Nexus 7 appears to takes in more light, but has way more noise. Like immense amount of noise. So i don;t know if it's just turning up the iso, instead of the bigger sensor.
  • The Galaxy Nexus was much much darker indoors, but in my opinion had more detail, and less noise comparatively.
  • The galaxy nexus had much more muted colors, the nexus 7 seemed to have more realistic colors (except for the REDs which were blown out beyond proportion.
  • the Nexus 7 seemed to shift towards blue in low light.


via i.imgur.com


via i.imgur.com

Final Note: It's like doing a shootout no one asked about or cared. But i just find it interesting that almost 3 years down the road, the 5MP shooter on a tablet still can't beat a 5MP relatively middling phone sensor, despite having a larger sensor size (f2.4 vs f2.75).