Ready to upgrade. What phone do I get on Verizon?

Hey everyone, hope you can help me out. I'm on Verizon, and I'm not really sure what to get.


  • Galaxy S4. I have a Galaxy Nexus right now, but I really hate glossy plastic.
  • HTC One (rumored to be released August 15). I love the hardware and the speakers, and it's rumored Verizon may get a blue model. Is it still worth getting the One?
  • Moto X. I would wait for this, since I want the customizations if I'm getting the X, but it's a definite possibility.
  • Droid Maxx. I'm open to it. Battery life is important, I'm starting college in three weeks.
  • LG Intuition. Okay, I'm joking.
  • A final choice: should I wait until this fall/winter to see what else comes out on Verizon?
I created a Strawpoll if you don't have time to write something in the comments. I'm not sure what to get guys. Normally it's an easy decision, but it seems like each phone has its own flaws.

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Thanks guys!