Low-cost SSDs will be the next defining moment in personal computing

As soon as 500GB+ SSDs become affordable enough to put into sub-$1000 hybrids and convertibles, we will reach the point when desktops, notebooks, and tablets can be replaced by a single device for a majority of users.

Limited storage is the only thing preventing my Core i5-based Windows tablet from being a true "desktop replacement" device. I simply can't install all the software that I want to install in addition to storing media on it.

In some sense, when this day comes, it will be a sad day for hardware manufacturers as they could be selling fewer and fewer devices. I can see why Apple and Apple fanboys who live to give Apple as much money as possible have been poo-pooing the notion of hybrids and convertibles.

Sorry, boys. This is going to be the future. You can crap all over the quality of hardware that have come out so far, but you can do the same for the concept of hybrids and convertibles. As the quality of the hardware improves, there's going to be no going back.