Competition between Ten Popular Mobile Brands

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Smartphone has become a necessity of our daily life and work just as food and clothes for it perfectly connects the mobile and computer together. While, face myriads of Smartphones, how can we choose ? As a Smartphone lover, I am fond of all kinds of mobile phones.Now i will list top 10 mobile brand in my heart, Hope can help you.

Apple, the so called "street mobile", wins hearts of so many Apple fanboys, why is it so popular ? Is it really its super wonderful users’ experience ? Some guys disclosed that iPhone 5S is going to emerge, is that true ? Still wondering.The reference price is $892, which is daunted by the common people. So Apple is joked as lovers of the wealth.

Samsung, the ‘King of the Mobiles’, is really the big head of Smartphones which owns the largest shares of Android market. Moreover, Samsung S4 is invincible among countless Android mobiles. Why is Samsung so successful? The reference price of Samsung S4 is $850, which is beloved by white-collared workers, businessmen and the young.

LG owns a long history which is especially popular in Europe and America. Its super wonderful Android experience is really commendable which tell us what Android mobile is !Its new arrival is Nexus 4. Its reference price is $310, which is the favourite of Android lovers.

HTC catches people’s eye balls for its shinning golden frame with HTC One as the symbol. It mainly draws attention of trendsetters, young men and scientific lovers. Its reference price is $733, which is too expensive for college students like me.

Sony, the old brand, which is the lover of ladies. Its elegant appearance is really attracting. Except appearance, its quality is also very nice. The latest is L36h. Its reference price is $588.

Recently, Chinese Smartphones gains more and more popularity for its high configuration but lower price compared with the top brands such as Apple and Samsung, really practical , best choice for common people. Among countless Chinese brands, ZTE, Huawei are definitely top brands. ZTE takes a large share in the low and middle market. The latest is Nubia Z5, which is lovers of shutterbugs for its excellent cameras. Huawei is another leading head of Chinese Smartphones, which is popular for its large screen and ultra-thin body. Huawei is called a dark horse in Chinese Android market, which develops very fast in the recent years. Besides ZTE and Huawei. MYSAGA is a new brand I recently found.It is said that MYSAGA M2 has F2.2 large aperture, not less than Samsung S4. Lenovo is a household brand all over the world. It is the best love of many businessmen. The latest is K900. Its reference price is $539.

While, for me, MOTO is another old pal, which is lovers of college students like me for we can afford it. As said, MOTOX will go to public, 4.7 Inch, 10.0MP is worthy expecting.

Guys, what’s your ideal mobile brand ? Don’t be shy. Just share with us !