Android tablet for School?

Hello Android Army,

So I have a question about buying a tablet for school. I am just starting a Masters of Physical Therapy program this September, and have heard from many people that buying an iPad for school is really really useful for note-taking, class slides, etc. I was wondering if there are any of you that think there are compelling reasons to buy an Android tablet instead (Nexus 10 or something?). Are there any good annotation apps for pdfs/powerpoints? I've heard that Notability is really good. Is there anything comparable on Android tablets?

Not looking for people to tell me which platform is better or start a flame war or anything. Just looking for some external input. My personal situation is that I'm fairly invested in the Android ecosystem (and like it a lot) and not really invested at all in iOS. And by fairly invested I mean I have an Android phone and no tablet. But I've just heard so many good things about the iPad for school that I'm starting to be convinced. I've heard people from the iPad side. I'm just curious to see if there are voices on the Android side that I'm not hearing. Cheers!