Which iPhone Will You be Getting?

After the September release of the new iPhones there will be more choices than ever it seems. If the rumors are true then we will have 4 x 4 options for the iPhone 5s, 16 through 128GB models in the original colors black and white and 2 new colors champagne and graphite. Iphones-iphone-5-graphite-gold-iphone-5s-iphone-5c_medium

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We also will have a low tier option in the iPhone 5c. I doubt that there will be a choice in storage capacity but there will be a multitude of colors. If the 5s starts at $200, the 5 at $100 and the 5c is free then which would you go for and in what variation? Me personally I think that it will be a graphite 5s with 32 GB.