Barra going to Xiaomi Could Be a Good Thing

So we all know Hugu Barra went to Xiaomi and some folks where saying one thing or another about it. Honestly Android is not all about one person, and I think folks like Matias Duarte maybe be more crucial to the platform than Hugo, but that is not the point here.

So here is my point. Xiaomi is experienceing rapid growth in the limited markets it applies to and I can understand why. I used MIUI OS before on my Thunderbolt back in the Gingerbread days, and it was pleasure to use. Yes it looks like iOS but compared to some of the skins we have out their for Android it is a highly polished OS that is big on ease of use and customization. In addition they make nice hardware...

I think Hugo Barra going to Xiaomi to be in charge of Global is good for Android for several reasons

Hugo Barra understands Android better than anyone and the nuances that come with using Android on a Global scale. Going global would mean Xiaomi would have to partner with Google to offer their services if they really want the device to be an hit. Again Google Apps tend to be a sticking point for consumers and without them, it becomes a hard sale. Hugo would probably be the best person to develop that partnership with Google, as he will know what Xiaomi would need to change or modify in their OS to be an OHA partner.

With Xiaomi's business approach of selling phones at cost, this could easily level the playing field within the Android OEM's taking a bit of the Android domination from Samsung.

If Hugo is going to Xiaomi would bring a Google Approved MIUI handset to the global market, it will drive competition as a whole, ensure Samsung is not too dominant, and foster innovation to differentiate.