Why Windows RT is the Future (revisited)

Original Post - http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/26/4270086/why-windows-rt-is-the-future

I just purchased a Surface RT for $217, and I'm eager for it's arrival. As a student on a budget, I've been in need of a device that's portable enough to take to school, and inexpensive enough to not break my bank. I consulted the Verge community prior to purchase, and then, refurbished RTs appeared on the eBay homepage. I jumped on it.

We all know the main differences between the Surface RT and Pro models. Surface RT feels far from a low-end device from a hardware perspective, but the software inside isn't nearly as capable as full-fledged Windows 8 in the Pro. This means that the Surface RT is not even close to as versatile, but the two aren't far from each other at all as far as build quality. Though, they are far apart in something that may matter more-- price.

The Pro cost essentially double the price of the RT model, and, outside of RT versus W8, there just aren't a lot of trade-offs between the two. This means RT devices can offer great functionality for a tablet (especially with Office 2013) for an extremely competitive price.

This fits a MASSIVE niche in the market. Common consumers are reluctant to spend $700+ for laptop (see Surface Pro to compare), especially when they will use it almost entirely for web-browsing and Office; but if one were to slap a $299-$399 price tag on a high-end device that does just that (and I really mean it when I say "just"), they're bound to hop all over it. Surface RT sales have gone up great amounts lately since the price has been cut, so where's the competition?

Most tablet manufactures are stuck on Android (which IMO doesn't offer a great tablet experience), and some have even committed to not producing anything with RT at all. But RT offers more with Office pre-installed and an excellent web-browser. Yes, Android's app ecosystem does have more apps, but the Office experience drastically separates RT from Android and even iOS. If manufactures would commit to RT on the level that Microsoft has, then we would see some stellar RT-machines available at stellar prices.

Though many wrote off the Surface RT as a failure, its recent sales show some signs of hope for RT as an operating system. Windows RT enables manufactures to offer the best of work (with Office 2013) and play at an extremely low price, and this is why I think Windows RT is the future.