Finally! DPReview fully reviews the Lumia 1020....

Thats right bitches!

THE review I and all the mobile photographers have been waiting for is finally out!

The well respected DPReview has assessed the Lumia 1020 and the conclusion should not surprise people. Also for those doubting the low light capability 1020 saying its not as good as the 920, the conclusion is that Nokia still delivers on this promise in the 1020.

UNDISPUTED the 1020 is the best in class for image quality.

Ever since the 1020 was announced, colleagues of mine have been saying the iPhone has the best overall image quality and nobody wants or needs a 41MP and I should get a DSLR if I am really into photography.

To them I say NO, I do not want to carry another device let alone a bulky DSLR...

Here is the conclusion:

Do you need 41 megapixels? Our Nokia Lumia 1020 camera review

The Good

  • Best-in-class overall image quality
  • Zoom doesn’t compromise image quality
  • Best-in-class low light performance
  • Well-designed full manual control in camera app
  • Sunlight-visible screen
  • Solid ergonomics with two-stage shutter release
  • Very good flash performance
  • Nice panorama mode
  • Very good video quality, especially in low light
  • Optional camera grip available

The Bad

  • Long shot-to-shot times
  • Slow camera app startup
  • No control over imaging parameters like sharpening, saturation or contrast
  • No HDR or true burst modes
  • Images soft in corners
  • Imaging app support limited compared to closest competition

Overall Conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 1020’s innovative 41-megapixel sensor breaks new ground in terms of image quality. The rest of the phone is about what you’d expect from a flagship handset in 2013: it’s fast and fluid in everyday use. Its screen isn’t as high-res as the full HD displays on several of its competitors, but it’s certainly sharp and boasts very good sunlight visibility.

The phone feels solid in the hand and its rounded edges provide a decent grip in normal or photographic use. The two-stage shutter release makes it feel more like a real camera. In its black or white finish options, the 1020 is stately; the yellow variant is for people who want to be noticed.

The Final Word

The Nokia Lumia 1020’s innovative zoom and impressive image quality set it apart from all competitors. By nearly every metric, it takes better pictures than any other phone on the market.

Its imaging Achilles heel is its camera app’s sluggish shot-to-shot and start-up times. While many phones feel nearly instantaneous on both fronts, the 1020’s four-second delays can feel very long. Whether you find this negligible or nauseating depends on your personal style of photography.

Of course, no phone only serves as a camera. The 1020’s Windows Phone OS is slick and snappy, but its app support leaves something to be desired.

Mobile photographers who prize image quality and can live with a little waiting, even those currently committed to another platform, should absolutely consider the Lumia 1020. On the other hand, if your main goal is capturing snapshots to share on social media, the points against the 1020 will weigh more substantially.