A good calendar app that considers attendance status?

I just switched from iOS to Android (4.3), and one of the most important applications for me is the calendar, especially how well it plays with Outlook exchange, as that is what I have to use for work.

Now, the exchange syncing with Google calendar works fine, but in the iOS calendar app event invitations that I hadn't accepted yet always used to show up as "greyed out" with a dashed border - a great feature, especially when it's suddenly missing: On all android calendar apps & widgets I've tried out, new (not-yet accepted) invitations look exactly the same as accepted ones in all views (except in the event detail view where there are these radio buttons), i.e. I can't get an overview of who's still waiting for a response from me, and events I might still decline appear as if they were confirmed.

Are there any apps or widgets that can be configured to change the appearance of events depending on whether I've confirmed attendance or not?