About that Finger Print Reader...

Everyone keeps saying the fingerprint reader will be in the home button of the iPhone, but could it be really just next to the home button?

Based on their Patent filling they are placing the biometric reader to the side of the home button. In addition it seems it would work in 2 steps.

1. User unlocks the phone and receives a prompt to enter a Password or some other type of authentication

2. User uses bio-metrics to unlock phone or standard pin if scan does not go through

Now again this is just a Patent filling from February, so it is what it is, but I get this feeling that this will not be what many are expecting where you grab your iPhone and click and hold on the home button and just leave your finger there and it unlocks by scanning your finger.

What we should notice though is that none of Apple's fillings points to a fingerprint reader being on the home button, but we could be surprised.

Anyway I could be completely wrong, I guess we wills see in 10 days. I thought I should through this out there to see what other folks think.


via www.patentlyapple.com