Note-taking on android... Apps and styluses

Hey everybody! Inspired by another thread about Android tablets and school, and by a nagging desire to have better note functionality out of my Nexus 7, I figured I'd turn to my favorite place for suggestions of this sort. I have an iPad 4 and a first gen. Nexus 7. Obviously, there are some pretty excellent note apps on iPad. I use this for school because of Notability. I use with it a Wacom Bamboo stylus.

The stylus seems to work much the same on the Nexus except for note taking, which could be the stylus, the hardware, or the app selection. So I'm wondering if (a.) anybody knows of any particularly excellent styluses that can work with my Nexus 7,to,airily for note taking. I don't know if a smaller tip would help or what. And also (b.) if anybody has suggestions of particularly functional handwriting apps on android. Preferably with the ability to zoom to fit writing better. So far, Handy Note Pro is the best I've found for this purpose. Please, if you have any experience in this to share or any suggestions, do tell. As always, thanks!