The biggest story about MSFT in years is Value act.

SO most are aware it appears Value Act and its cohorts were behind Steve leaving MS. Now We hear Value Act may well take a seat on the board! This is the biggest news story about Microsoft in many years, yet it is getting very little play. The board accepting Value Act could change the face of MSFT as we know it. IT is huge news, and could very well mean MSFT is to be milked or parted out. Any thoughts or insights as to the impact a band of Wall street thugs will have over the coming year. We could see Bing vanish. We could see Xbox spun off We could see Windows/server and Tools spin off. cost cutting, relocation. Massive forced buy back or distribution of the war chest? To me as a long on MSFT, I am very concerned that the new direction will be to simply squeeze out cash to give up on RT, mobile, search , Xbox and anything else that is not producing high margins. This is bigger than Steve leaving this is a sea change.