Is Smartwatch Concept & Products DOA?

Everyone around the press and Internet is claiming to be this as the next big revolutionary consumer electronic device thing after, PC/Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad. Samsung with its new found confidence with huge success of Galaxy series, has decided that it will not let Apple take away the credit of introducing iWatch first to this world & is working hard to cram as much as possible into the Galaxy Watch.



But there are certain things which makes me feel this whole smartwatch thing is DOA.

1. Samsung/Sony are not Rolex or Tissot or TAG Heuer. These watch brands have built a place for themselves in the minds of consumers, and buyers are more than happy to shell out their money for these devices which are nothing more than wearable devices, letting us know current time of the day.

2. Yes Notifications are important. But the way smartwatch is going handle it is not right and doesn't fit in day to day life. First, Common people do not get 100's of Facebook notifications, twitter mentions or Emails. Secondly, the whole idea of getting a notification on Watch and responding to it through phone seems to be broken.

3. A smartWatch would mean more devices to Charge over a day: I hate charging and I hate to see that my Nexus 4 doesn't hold full charge for the whole day. The problem will be worse when I have to take care of charging my phone and Watch.

In my View, OEM's are better off trying to make a watch as an independent device which can make calls and receive messages rather than trying to make them look like phone companions. Much like the way a dumb phone evolved into smartphone, a dumb watch can evolve into a smartwatch over a period of time.