Vergians, I found myself in my local Apple Store recently, on my semi-annual quest to decide on my new notebook, okay, okay... I know, unless I want a MacBook Air, I'm wasting my time, but having had MacBook Airs for the past three years, I find myself hankering for a little more poke.


There. I said it. I miss my PowerBook G4, the 12-Inch, 1.33GHz with the Radeon 9200 graphics... Sure, by today's standard, it's proper poo, but I still miss it. When the 11-Inch MBA hit the shelves, I was there, eager to snap it up, it was the closest Apple had gotten to the golden 12-Inch form factor, and, having hated the bulk on the MacBook Pro, I had to have it. And, for a time, all was shiny, then, last year, those wonderful guys in cupertino crafted the rMBP 13.


After witnessing it's truly dreadful GPU first hand, I went off and bought my most recent MBA 13. I needed a decent amount of screen real-estate, and 1440x900 is better than a sharper 1280x800, in my book. But I wont lie, I still covet that machine, the display is lovely, yes, but the construction is beautiful, when they said it was the future of the notebook, I couldn't agree more.

So, what is my dream? The haswell refresh? Kinda, and no. People have been waxing lyrical about putting a retina display into the MacBook Air - no. way. The guys in cupertino have just established the MBA as their entry level portable, with a focus on that portability and with it, battery life. There is way they'd throw that away with a a power gobbling retina display.

Rather, I think folks should be asking for an entry level rMBP, like the 12-Inch PowerBook of old, a small, fairly light machine, with solid internals, and a decent battery life. The reason the that 13-Inch rMBP sucks is its GPU, it's trying to be a pro machine without the grunt, and it shows. Compared to the 15-Inch, it certainly isn't as 'Pro' as they'd like us to believe. An 11-Inch rMB, not P would address this. With a 2732 x 1536 display, dual thunderbolt connectors and HDMI, it would effectively be a suped-up MBA, but without the suggestion of it being a 'Pro' product (both it's size and omission of the 'Pro' suffix. Being powered by a 4258U with Iris 5100 graphics, and a 2.40 GHz clock speed (2.90 GHz Turbo Mode), the TDP is 28W which, granted is bit more than the 15W in the new MBA, would be a good move, this would deliver a chip with a little more ompf in the graphics department, without cannibalising the draw of the all-day battery of the MBA.


I know I want this super tiny, well functioning device, I with it would be a kick up the bum for the ultra-book market, which seems content on cloning the MBA and just upping the pixel density with each new model. Apple could lead the way in a powerful, new category of 'performance ultra-books', that have the clout for more than the average user, but in a diminutive form factor that won them the love of many creative professionals back in the days of the trusty old 12-Inch PowerBook.

What do you guys think? - Am I a madman with a bizarre wishlist for an impossible product? Or do think that it's more likely than a retina display in the MacBook Air? More importantly, am I the only guy still missing the 12-Inch PowerBook?