I made a Dock for my Macbook (and so can you)

I really like my rMPB but since I've switched from a Thinkpad, I hate that the Macbook doesn't offer any kind of docking solution. This leads to cable clutter and always having to plug in and unplug everything manually. So... I decided to build my own dock utilizing a 3d printer and a bit of Sugru - the dock is called the HackDock and here's a photo of its main component:


via dl.dropboxusercontent.com

I also created a little accompanying blog in which you can find more informations, building and assembling instructions. My recommendation would be to have a look at the photo story in order to get a comprehensive overview. If you want to build one, you can find and customize everything you need on Thingiverse.

I've been using my HackDock for a few weeks now on a daily basis and I'm quite happy with how it performs - it's quick, easy and enables me to keep a neat and organized desk. Now, I thought I'd share the design - feedback would be much appreciated! :)

[P.S.: I decided to post this in Apple Core and not in the DIY forum because the HackDock is focussed on Macbooks and TheVerge isn't really a DIY community in my opinion - that's what Thingiverse is for in this case.]