The ultimate combination: Gaming, Browsing, and Torrenting.

Since finishing school I've sold off everything and am plotting my best of course of technological action.

I game, do a boat-load of browsing, torrenting and some light video editing.n

I've gone through so many different potential combinations:

1) Gaming Desktop + Chromebook

2) Gaming Desktop + Tablet

3) Console + Macbook Air + Tablet

4) Console + Retina Macbook Pro

Gaming desktop doesn't appeal as much because I'm not that hardcore of a gamer, and if I'm going to be in one place gaming, I'd prefer it were in front of my 55" plasma. For this reason a next-gen console makes sense, it just irks me to be forking out a monthly fee for online multiplayer. Yes I could use a desktop with my TV permanently, WIn8 Metro actually wouldn't be a terrible experience on a big screen. However, manipulating said setup from the couch wouldn't be great - unless it were with remote desktop via a chromebook or tablet.

Therefore, leaning towards options 3 or 4. While a Macbook Air & Nexus 7 combination would be sweet. I find after the honeymoon I end up just using the laptop all the time. Hence, I think a rMBP in place of a MBA+Nexus 7 would be better in the long run.

What are the cons of a retina display in a laptop? I know the web still isn't really built for ultra high-res browsing but the Verge sure would look amazeballz.

As cool as using my TV as an external monitor wirelessly via Mavericks and an Apple TV, I already have a smart TV and don't want an Apple TV, so the HDMI port on the MBP is a definite plus.

I' also foolishly hoping that maybe I could get away with next-gen gaming on a MBP which wold allow me to just keep my 360 and play GTA V on it. I know this isn't realistic, PC gaming pays off on a gaming rig. While a 15" rMBP with a dedicated GPU could be decent, I'm looking at the 13" rMBP with probably HD 5100. HD 5200 will hold its own with gaming, but nothing spectacular. Plus DAT TDP.

This was a bunch of ranting. Curious to know what our ideas are.

Would you rather have a MBA + Nexus 7 OR a rMBP?