That "Orange is the New Black" ending .... (no spoilers)

Holy smokes that was awesome! I was so unsure how they would end the season, even 5 minutes till the ending, and then I was like "Mother of Jesus!"

The show totally captivated me. Such great storytelling, great characters, great acting on everyone's part. I like it how it is so unapologetic and straight up honest about some thematics like racism, sexism, homosexuality, social inequality, abortion and others. Although, as a Christian, I am a bit concerned about how they portrayed Christians in the show. I am personally totally fine and not offended and what not, but I think it might cause some people to generalize other Christians to be same as the crazy ones from the show.

One of my favorite character is Red (maybe there is some bias because I'm Russian, but she is such a great character!). What is yours?

I think they laid a great foundation for the second season to resolve everyone's story, I am so looking forward to it!

What do you think of the show?