iPhone 5 dilemma

I've been using my iPhone 5 with a case for quite some time. Yesterday, I took it out to use an app called Cycloramic which is an amazing camera app that automatically - without you touching the phone at all - takes a 360 degrees panoramic video or photo. You must check that out, although that's not my main point here.

The thing is, as I held my naked iPhone 5 in my hands after a few months of using it with a case, I was amazed by how good it felt in my hands. It felt remarkable. The solidness, the reliability and the premiumness of this badass design were simply astounding, as if I had never touched it before.

However, the sad thing is, if I don't use it with a case, it is going to be badly scratched here and there.. (it's a black iphone 5) and most importantly, the remarkable feeling in hand would disappear soon as I will get used to it. I really don't know what to do...So what how do you guys keep your iPhone 5? Case or without case? and any other recommendations are super welcome!!!