The Verge video site is so far ahead of the main homepage in usability

It's been nearly two years since The Verge launched and the main homepage is still a mad cluster of stories. If it wasn't for a RSS reader, I would miss so much content. In fact sometimes when I want to read a story I saw on Feedly (RIP Reader) again while I'm already on The Verge, I have to use ctrl+f and try to remember key words from the title.

The Verge video and to a degree Polygon have it sorted with large stories breaking up the all the smaller stories, making it much easier to navigate. In addition, the smaller stories are neatly organised in clear lines not in a crazy tiled combination. I especially like how Polygon have an endless page that keeps going as you scroll, much better than clicking through to the archives.

Please redesign the home page guys, you obviously have the talent there.