Our devices should not spy on us from their own.

I don't like voice commands at all if they are always on.

Suppose you are a US citizen and a Muslim...

Now if you say ' Bah, she is a bomb...' in reference to the nice lady you just noticed... Is this going to trigger automatic voice recording directly send to the NSA? What if you say, ' Was a real explosion in bed with her...' ?

This feature makes no sense for the average user and only benefits some bureaucrats that have taken over democracy and want to make sure they can continue to get their ludicrous benefits and pension plans. We have a right to privacy, to our beliefs, opinions and official politically correct behavior even if we have own opinions. What the governments are doing, what Google is promoting is totally against the basic concepts of freedom and democracy... It is Fascism and millions died to rid the world of it between 1939 and 1945.

For anyone who had family members fight Fascism, 'my grand mother was in the French resistance, her US boyfriend a Sgt. In the US army was killed by a German sharp shooter during the Buldge,' it is defacing the graves of all those that fought so hard for freedom. Sorry for the language, but she witnessed how the SS would exterminate a whole village because the resistance had just killed a couple of SS. Many don't realize how bad it is when the you loose your freedoms of self determination, democracy is not a government that sees its citizen as slaves to be abused, it is a government that works for the best of its citizen.

I don't see how always spying on what we say has anything to do with the spirit of democracy. There are things we say and there are things we do, I think we all agree that these are two different realities for the large majority of us. Yes, Google is going over board with its constant ON voice recognition. They need to make it optional, (I know it is) with a needed password to turn it on or off, so if off, there is no way for any app to turn it on.

If we continue like that, in the end we might believe that radical Islam leaves more freedom than our new style of democracy, then we will have lost that fight.