6tagram is not officially supported by Instagram for Windows Phone

Hey everyone,

So we've received a lot of questions over why we're not covering 6tagram getting "official support." We're not because the application is not getting officially supported, officially approved, or any other variation of "official" yet. Here's the statement from Facebook to clarify the situation:

"We have not selected a third-party developer to build an official or unofficial Windows Phone app. Third–party apps wishing to use our platform must do so within the terms of our public API."

Facebook has reached out to 6tagram developer Rudy Hyun to discuss legal and branding issues, and to ensure he's not using the name "Instagram" in his application. We're told that Facebook regularly reaches out to Instagram developers, unofficial and official, to discuss brand issues. The "Instance" Instagram app was originally named Itsdagram, but Instagram reached out with brand issues and the developer had to rename it. There were an initial number of confusing tweets and inaccurate articles where many assumed Instagram were looking to approve a third-party Windows Phone app. This is not the case, as per the Facebook statement. Hope this clears things up.