Moto X Customize: Who's to blame?

Since it was announced, people have been having a fit over three things regarding the Moto X:

1. Price

2. Specs

3. Customizable exclusiveness

These reasons could be broken down this way regarding people's feelings.

1. Price: excusable

2. Specs: only geeks/idiots care

3. Customizable exclusiveness: absolutely intolerable.

Lets focus on the third reason though.

Reading the forums and comments on the Internet, it seems that some people think that its carriers fault that they don't have this prominent feature as opposed to AT&T having it.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

The only party at fault here is Google/Motorola. They made the decision to play ball with AT&T. They folded when negotiations probably broke down.

There are nearly zero reasons for them to have done this. I'd go as far as to say that even if AT&T paid them handsomely for this exclusive deal, that it still wasn't worth it.

If AT&T threaten not to sell the Moto X, then that would have been fine for one singular reason: Its a GSM phone. People could buy it and still put it on their network.

But that isn't what happened, nor was that the thinking of Google/Motorola.

Oh with most things Android...choice is hampered by compromise...