Is it really "geeks" who "want specs"?

The recent discussions really worry me. There's this broadly accepted notion floating around that says "the Moto X is not a phone for geeks, because geeks want specs".

I think that's rubbish.

There's also a lot of people here who love the Moto X and they are certainly geeks. I am only one example. I had all the Nexus phones from the Nexus One to the Nexus 4, which I think pretty much qualifies me as a geek, and I absolutely adore the Moto X. At least from what I have seen and read of it so far.

I don't get why some people are exclusively after the most powerful specs anyway. I mean, if people who are not geeks, compare specs and end up saying “this must be better because it has quad instead of dual core” I don’t judge them. They are not very much into phones, they don’t know any better. They don't know that a Nexus 4, despite less processing power, performs quite a bit better than a Galaxy S4. But geeks do know that, they know how mediocrely a GS4 performs in every day tasks given its specs. In my opinion especially geeks, who are aware of these differences, should appreciate a well optimized and sensibly specced phone. Especially geeks should be able to comprehend that the Moto X is not simply worse specced, but has the priority slightly shifted towards battery life. And especially geeks should be able to see that it doesn't even perform worse. But a worrying number of so called "geeks" don't.

My conclusion is that I think it's false to refer to them simply as "geeks". I'd rather call them "specs fanatics" and personally I don't know whether that would be a subset of "geek" or something entirely different.